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Language of Course : ENGLISH     

Course Duration : 6.5 Hr

My 100% Commitment to you,after Completion of Course

  • You will be 100% confident enough on your new blueprint of Blogging.
  • You will crack the code on how google works and what should be your content writing strategy?
  • You will get an idea of how to find the most profitable and easy to rank keywords?
  • You can guide others on how to start your blogging with nearly zero investment, its amazing.
  • You will get different ways of finding backlinks opportunities and how to boost organic traffic.

What is covered in the Course?

Module 1 : Overview of Blogging and Introduction

  • 1.1 : What is Blogging and Why Do you start Blogging? 
  • 1.2: What are ways to start blogging : Free and Paid Platform?
  • 1.3: Blogger vs WordPress and best platform to start blogging?

Module 2 : Overview of Hosting and Domain for Blogging

  • 2.1: What is Hosting and Types of Hostings?
  • 2.2: What is Domain Name and best domain name selection Ideas.
  • 2.3: How to buy hosting and Domain name : Step by Step
  • 2.4: How to link domain name with Hosting: Step by Step

Module 3 : Overview of  WordPress website setup and installtions

  • 3.1: How to install WordPress and basic setting Overview?
  • 3.2:How to create and publish mandatory pages in WordPress?
  • 3.3:What are mandatory plugins for wordpress website?
  • 3.4:What are the Free and paid themes of the wordpress and how to install theme?
  • 3.5:How to customize wordPress Free theme for category,Menu and Pages placements?

Module 4 : Overview of Search Engine Optimization

  • 4.1:What is SEO and different Types of SEO?
  • 4.2:What is On Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  • 4.3:What is Off Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  • 4.4:How to install Yoast SEO plugin and setting overview in WordPress?

Module 5 : Overview of Keywords and keyword research Tools

  • 5.1:What is keyword and different types of keywords?
  • 5.2:What are best Free and Paid keyword research tools
  • 5.3:What are Short and Long tail keywords: Major Differences?
  • 5.4:What are parent and child keywords: Major Differences?
  • 5.5:What is LSI keyword and How to find LSI Keywords?
  • 5.6:How to do keyword research using free seo tools :GKP,Suggestions etc?
  • 5.7:How to do keyword research using free seo tools :Ubersuggest?
  • 5.8:How to do keyword research using paid seo tool Ahref using Seed keyword?
  • 5.9:How to do keyword research on competitor website using paid seo tools Ahref?

Module 6 : Overview on writing and publishing blog post

  • 6.1:How to find content ideas,sub topics and word length for post?
  • 6.2:How to write 100% on page seo optimized blog post?
  • 6.3:How to publish blog post and important check list before publishing post?
  • 6.4:Introduction to differnet search engine tools: Google analytics,webmaster and Bing

Module 7 : Overview of Link building strategies -Off Page SEO

  • 7.1:What are backlinks,DA-PA for a website and how it works?
  • 7.2:What are DoFollow and No Follow Backlinks and How to check?
  • 7.3:How to create do follow backlinks from high authority websites?
  • 7.4:How to create Do-follow,No-follow backlinks quickly using commenting and forum sites?

Module 8 : Overview on different ways to monetize the blog

  • 8.1:How to monetize blog with differnet Ad networks?
  • 8.2:How to monetize blog with different affiliate networks?

Module 9 : Bonus and Advanced Tips on Blogging

  • 9.1:Free extentions for blogging which every blogger must use in browser?

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