7 Types of Blogs That Make Money for Beginner: Very Few Reveal these Truth

7 Types of Blogs That Make Money for Beginner: Very Few Reveal these Truth
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More than 2 million blog posts published every day but very few are able to crack the Google top 10 SERP and the worst part is even after getting positioning in the Top 10 Ranks those Blogs are not able to make money.

The reason is, the wrong selection of the niche and the ways of monetizing those blogs, I have been gone through different kinds of blog posts and came to my self findings on the best 7 types of Blogs that Make money.

You have to understand a sequence of the blog, as it first starts with the selection of the Niche which is monetizable then the platform using which you can monetize that blog.

Once you are in the right niche then the next part is to find out the problems of that particular group of people than the query that group is asking and later find a keyword that targets your query and you are done.

This is the simple strategy every money-making blog follows and I want you to follow the same strategy if you are really keen to start a blog that gives you passive income even while you are sleeping.

Then this master guide with collection on Top 7 Types of Blog That Makes Money, will answer your queries.

Types of Blog That Makes Money Even while you are Sleeping

It is always crucial to choose the right niche and I already explained its road map in the how to start a blog guide in case you missed but here I will brief the same with few different examples.

We will not only focus on the blog niches that make money but will also cover some examples of the blog that really making awesome money.

The Niches or category that you like the most, just start brainstorming around the same and do this exercise in parallel while reading this post.

Are you ready?

Let me teach you how to start a blog that can really make money no matter even you are a beginner.

Blog About How to Make Passive Income Ideas

When it comes to Passive income niches then it is a broad idea that needs to further narrow down. I have experienced my self that the content published on my mrvyasidea.com was always having a high RPM of Google Adsense, why?

Because most of the advertisers are bidding a lot on such affiliate and money-making business ideas posts. When it comes to passive income it could have various categories to discuss which will be the sub-niches.

Let’s take an example of Blog itself, that how to make money by having a blog, so your site is around different tips to make money using a blog.

Such content has high search volume and in result, very high potential to make money. Giving people multiple advice on online money making ideas can really boost your website traffic.

But be aware of the selection of the subtopic and its trend which you can get from the Google Trend, as I just checked a niche which is “how to make money from home” and the trend looks above an average (30) and consistent throughout the year.

How to make money from home trend in Google trend
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Make money from home niches has a worldwide very huge search volume especially by women as they are willing to make money by setting up an automated process at home in parallel to caring their kinds

Well, this seems pretty cool for you so why can’t you check what topics you can target around this sub-niche and here I took help from Google search and boom!!

How to make money Google suggesstions
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I found more than 10 subtopics to write under this blog or can have a separate dedicated site for each targeting a particular group of people on how to make money from home.

Isn’t it cool?

If you have heard about the Pet Flynn then he is making 8-9 figure income every month just having his blog smartpassiveincome, where his main source of monetization is to publish the Podcast and selling courses online.

Even you can monetize your passive income blog using below platform:

  • Placing Google Adsense Ads.
  • Promoting Top Affiliate marketing courses.
  • Selling Business or money-making ideas books from the Amazon affiliate partner program.
  • Affiliate commission by promoting a tool needed to make money online.

These four seem to be the major source of monetization if your blog is dedicated to teaching people, how to make money online.

If you are excited about this niche then let me know around which sub-topic you would like to start your first blog?

Blog about Women Cosmetic and Haircare

These types of blog really do a great job if you have any idea of what female likes and what they are searching on the internet.

Women spend a lot of time on cosmetics and healthcare on social media or any eCommerce shopping site.

According to the 10 facts shared in the Bloomberg report, Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing no matter they are buying for own or influencing others to buy.

So how can we miss this great opportunity and you won’t believe the Mirror research reveals that women spend twice as much on cosmetics and haircare than on health and fitness,.

So drill down only these two-sector to address the women’s problem and ignore all others.

But what common problem I have noticed is most of the people start a blog like an e-commerce site and try to sell a product directly.

This is not the right approach, from my point if you really want to start a woman cosmetic or haircare oriented types of blogs that make money then identify the problem and try to have a blog that addresses every problem.

Instead of product review give them the solution to that problem as your affiliate product.

Simple and clear.

Once again I went to google search and just searched for a query “How to makeup dry skin” and here you go with lots of wide suggestions.

Google suggesstions on Cosmetic and Haircare
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So answer those queries step by step and parallel suggest them the cosmetics items you are using, so this is like you are addressing their problem and giving them a parallel solution.

This is the right strategy to sell any product to females as they never believe in any products until they compare it with others.

When it comes to how to make money using Cosmetic and Haircare products then use below platform:

  • Link every product with Amazon affiliate.
  • Use Maxbounty kind of CPA platform to avail free gifts if they perform any specific action.
  • If the site gets popular, sell website Ad spaces to private cosmetic brands.
  • Monetize using the Google Adsense.

The opportunities are countless to sell cosmetic products, just find the right way to address the right audience.

Blog About Food and Recipes Ideas

Almost every human being loves tasty food and no one can deny the truth behind the success of the food bloggers. Almost every corner of the street has one food specialist and every housewife loves to learn how to make delicious dishes.

Once again don’t confuse with how you can make money by teaching people how to make delicious dishes as our focus of the blog is to find out the problem and solve their problem by suggesting our affiliate products.

Theis Nich is a very competitive niche and like the Health & Fitness and Financial niches Google looks for the authority of the food blogger, yes just having a random blog with random dishes won’t work in the food blogging industry.

People need pictures, videos and your personal touch with the readers while you publishing content as no one is expecting to listen or read someone who just started and has no experience of food or recipe industry.

If you will refer to the stats from the Statista , yearly revenue increase in the food industry, then it’s surprising as its growing every day.

Food revenue report statista
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So this industry is a big catch and most promising return from the women, but again it is a broad niche and if you are really keen to get success then pick up the one which looks like micro niches.

Let me give you the best example of a Food blogger Karen Peterson from 365DaysofCrockpot.com, yes you won’t believe that in just 24 months she is able to generate massive revenue and paid all her house mortgage.

It is awesome and her site now blasting in the Google top search engine ranking.

She just picked up a niche that totally focused on how to make the recipe using a Crockpot and also how to make a recipe using the cooker and pressure cooker, which very few people target and her blog has now become very famous.

Here I searched for the blog ideas in google and you can see we have the most focusing results which you can further drill down. Like food recipes for kids, students or fussy eaters, etc.

Food recipes niche Blog ideas
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When it comes to making money by having a food or recipe blog then below are my best suggestions.

How to Make money using Food or Recipe Blog :

  • You can sell ad spaces to the local restaurant advertisements.
  • While sharing the delicious recipes, you can suggest the Amazon products.
  • Can monetize using the Adsense Ad network.
  • You can sell the Food and recipe e-books written by you or others.

As I said Recipe or food blogs are massively impacted with the Google Core updates and that is why I suggest you install the schema and request your reader to comment or review on your dishes.

Blog about Home Improvement Suggestions

I found home improvement as the very less competitive niche and the one niche which is evergreen and has never-ending search volume.

You know why?

If you will listen to Kathryn Emery the founder of Be the Best Home says “Be green” which means people are doing changes with the accessories they were using earlier in their homes to become eco-friendly and save money and improve security.

Such as Use of smart devices to reduce energy consumption like LED, use of Water purifiers to reduce the water pollution, using the security devices to ensure the safety of the house.

Using automated tools like a robot cleaner, washing machine, and multiple other devices. In addition their hobbies of gardening, 

The need for such products will keep increasing and you won’t be struggling to find your target audience.

Your blog can cover any sub-topic such as :

  • Flooring improvement
  • Roof improvement
  • Bedroom Room improvement
  • Gardening 
  • Repairing walls, fences or polish furniture.

The best part is your targeted audience will be from the USA, UK, CA or any Tier 1 countries which automatically improves the profit margin as compared to any Tier 3 countries.

When I searched for a possible blog post ideas in google here you go with a couple of suggestions.

Home improvement Niche Blog that makes money
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From the above suggestions if you prefer the last one which is How to fix ceiling from the Noise, which suggests you can have a blog around ceiling soundproofing only and you can get targeted traffic.

When it comes to how you can make money having Home improvement types of a blog then here are my best suggestions:

  • Selling the products from the Amazon Associate.
  • Selling the Ebooks for the home improvements.
  • Having a podcast teaching people how to improve their homes.

If I would have to start my first blog today then first I deep dive into the home improvement niche, as it looks easy to target and has mid to high range products to sell.

What about your thought, let me know in the comment box?

Blog About Personal Relationships

This is a perfect niche, if you are willing to target the people who have the madness of love, these days it is common to have boyfriend and girlfriend and if so then obviously breakup or patch.

Well, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

If so, either you are excited about the happiness of love and fear for the breakup. Such relationships matter a lot to drive any human life.

So if your blog is all about teaching people how to maintain a healthy relationship it does not mean in between the girlfriend or boyfriend only but with family, friends, colleagues, and every other individual.

People are literally searching in the Google, here you can see the trend in the Google search since 2004 which is above 50 and projected to increase.

Personal relationship Google trend pattern
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What about this opportunity? These audiences are emotional and ready to grab the best advice if you can avail them using your blog.

But do remember your blog should have some case studies on people that how they are handling their relationships, which give a catch to your audience.

If you can touch their feelings then your posts will get more and more social shares and of course huge traffic to your website.

Here are a few suggestions I found from google.

How to chat with boyfriend niche blog that make smoney
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The above suggestions look great for me as millions of people are seeking the right way to chat with their loved ones. But how you can help them if you are a beginner.

You won’t believe there are the books circulating in the market about Text chemistry, so suggest these good content either videos or textbooks and you can start piling your money.

Amy North is the biggest example of this industry, she is selling her book on Text Chemistry to teach a girl about who to talk in the relationship with boyfriend.

Well, if you are in the love angle then you must buy her Text Chemistry on how to talk with Man (Just click to an image).

So how Personal relationship blog is the types of blogs that make money?

  • Advertise such personal coaching classes on your site and make money for enrolment.
  • Sell them Emy North kind of Text chemistry books.
  • Place Adsense Ads on the website.
  • Sell Personal gifts on various relationship days, of course, valentine or any friendship days.

You won’t believe if one of your posts goes viral on the social media platform which is very much possible if you will start a personal relationship niche then you can make a huge amount of money.

Blog About Picnic, Holidays and Travelling

It now becomes a usual practice for every family to go on the trip or holidays on an occasion or a timely basis, so why can’t we target such an audience?

If you want to start a traveling blog and suggesting people by writing about which places are the best to visit in a particular country or city then you might be saturated because millions of people are already sharing such details and you will be just a drop in the ocean.

So twist your thought and focus on the accessories people are using during their picnic or traveling. Here is an example Travel leisure blog on travel accessories or travel tips in a combine.

Imagine, if people are going for camping then might need camping tent, torch or foldable bed, etc. If they plan to go on family holidays then they might be looking for RVs (Recreational Vehicle) or small accessories which fit into their traveling bag.

But make sure such niches are like seasonal niches and you will get traffic only in a certain period of time so try to drill down this further which has consistent traffic throughout the here.

Travelling Types of blog that makes money
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Here you can see how their search patten is keep swinging in the USA.So why not add a couple of sections where you can help people in the best places to visit or add the delicious food you can bring while traveling.

This seems to be a very broader niche, you just need to drill down further by taking the help of Amazon Category or the niche ideas I have shared in How to start a blog post.

Best camping Tents Types of travelling blog
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Here I searched for the Best Camping and you have tons of accessories suggestions people are looking to buy, so focus around those topics and address every problem by suggesting their respective products.

Now once again, if you ask how traveling blogs can make money? here are a couple of suggestions.

  • You can sell all the traveling accessories using Amazon Affiliate.
  • You can sell holiday packages by contracting with other holiday provider company.
  • Sell Travelling Guide book.
  • Place Google Adsense Ads.

To get succeed in the traveling and Food blog, you must have your Instagram account where you can connect with your target audience and suggest to them the new ideas.

Blog About Movie Entertainment Media

These types of blogs have a very high potential of getting huge traffic from the social media platforms as all around the world Hollywood and Bollywood industries are making billions dollar business every year.

Whenever any movie is about to release or already been released then the global searches for those movies will be in the millions but for the upcoming movies to give a clear idea to reader search engine won’t have that many pages to rank.

So keep eye on Google trends related to movies and start publishing the articles and then keep sharing the same on the social media platform your site will get a tremendous response.

Even in the entertainment industry, there are certain subcategories like:

  • Blog about celebrities.
  • Blog about box office collection.
  • Blog about movie casts.
  • Blog about online movie watch.

If you are looking for a few examples there here is a collection of Top 20 Hollywood blogs, Websites.

If you drill down further then you have thousands of ways around which you can start your blog. Let me give you the finest example of online movie watch sites.

You are familiar with NetFlix and Amazon Prime, they are the topmost Open Television (OTV) platform and well known for the day to day release of web series.

So why can’t you have a blog about the Netflix shows and it’s cast and their history and later to watch suggest the reader take subscription of the NetFlix or Amazon Prime using your Affiliate link.

This way you will get recurring income and can monetize your site, here are few other ways like:

  • Place Google Adsense Ads due to high traffic potential.
  • Suggest the subscription for NetFlix and Amazon Prime.

But be aware never create any site which supports movie downloading as it is illegal and you will face copyright issues by the owner of the movie.

Wrap Up on Types of Blogs That Make Money

What I suggested are among the most popular niches everyone can start as they have less competition or enough search volume to monetize them for the targeted audiences.

What I shared is the broad niche ideas and how to drill down further now this is all up to you to find the best keywords oriented query using the Keyword research tool and even you can try SemRush 14 Day free Trail.

Food and Recipe you can also sell Kitchen accessories and traveling can also suggest the camera so once your blog has enough traffic you can suggest all other items to grab the user’s attention.

I hope you enjoyed this learning and if so please do share the post as much as you can so others can also learn the same strategy and comment below on what do you think what types of blogs that make money?

Hey, I am Kirtish Vyas an engineer by profession and a Blogger by Passion, and the Founder of Bloggingos. Bloggingos works as an operating system for bloggers to explore Blogging, SEO, and Affiliate marketing tips, Read More

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  1. Good Read.

    People nowadays mostly focus on the last section “Movie Entertainment Media”.

    They think that if they choose this niche, they will make money easily (and quickly) but after a few days (of trying their luck) they get carried away and end up creating a movie downloading site.

    You gave a good option that they should focus on different topics in this niche such as celebrities, box office collection etc.

  2. Hi ,

    Can you please suggest based on your experience, which of these 3 blogs could be more profitable.
    Please note I have interest in all 3 niches however more concerned over profitability ;

    a) Personal Finance – US market
    b) Personal Finance – Indian market
    c ) blockchain and crypto currency

    • Personal and Finance niche need EAT to get organic ranking and difficult to get targeted traffic but the leads generated using such websites are huge profitable and if you go with blockchain technology then the potential to rank website will be very easier but at this moment only Adsense monetization works best.

  3. Hmm…
    That’s somewhat other bloggers don’t share. I knew that niche like make money online, passive income, blogging tips, etc, makes the most amount of money but they always recommend some other useless niche like lyrics website, image website, etc, etc and misguide young Indian bloggers.

    Being in the UK, you are providing good content for the Indian audience. Kirtish, your patriotism and honesty truly reflect in your videos as well as your blogs. Thanks for the valuable info 🙂

    I would like to share that I’ve just started my new blog in the #1 niche.
    Apart from all that, I would like you to answer my query:

    I have an old Blogspot blog generating 35K+ pageviews mostly organic traffic, but sadly, it generates only $50 to $60 per month (Adsense). When I started (a year ago) I didn’t know anything like CPC and Keyword values, but today when I know everything I found my niche has the highest CPC of $0.10 – $0.15 and from past few months I get CPC of $0.01 and $0.02. It truly feels useless to run this website.

    My bad 🙁

    Anyways, now I’m planning to redirect my old Blogspot site to my new domain that has the content of #1 profitable niche you mentioned in this blog post.

    I’ve found that CPC & RPM are very good in this niche, and I have made my first $30 in just 16 days.

    Now, to double my earnings, Should I use 301 redirections?

  4. Hi vyas,

    Nice Post! Thank you for sharing this informative post on blogs that make money. I have seen many new bloggers are starting straightway with the Make money online, blogging like blogs. I don’t know it is good or bad without having proper knowledge & Starting with this niche.

    But YES! This niche has so much potential but what do you think about technology niche related to the computer, software & Windows. Please reply!


  5. Very good information, Kirtish.
    Your blog images look very good, how do you design them?

    It is very sad to know that many don’t make money even after getting on the first page of SERP.

    Yes, blogs which teach passive income are profitable both with Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

    The autosuggestions of Google are very helpful.

    It is surprising to know that Google looks for authority even in the food niche, maybe Google doesn’t want people to make bland dishes.

    If a cook or chef opens a food blog, then I think that he will definitely become very successful.

    Yes, the home improvement niche has higher rates of success in western countries compared to India.

    • Hey Naveen agree, but what I feel is these days Google look for EAT of any website that how much that brand is trusted and authoritative and especially in YMYL niches such as health and food blogs it matters.

  6. These all blog ideas are very nice. Everyone who has interest in one of these topics definitely grow his/her channel and can make a careere in blogging. And can earn a good incoe from that blog. Thank you very much for this information.

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  8. Thank you , Vyas bhai,
    I have been following you since the time you had only 500 sub in Youtube. I have literally seen to grow with hard word. But sadly i didn’t taken any action.
    But today i took a domain and started working on it for Amazon affiliate. I promise after a year my website will become your case study.

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