Fiverr Affiliate Program for Beginner with $15-$150 Commission, How it works?

What is Fiverr Affilaite program and how much commission it payes to Beginner
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It is quite difficult for any beginner to make its first affiliate commissions and the main reason behind that is the selection of the wrong products.

If you have not made your first affiliate commission then here is an awesome opportunity i would like to share with you.

This is what we call an affiliate program of Fiverr.

Yes, you don't need any blog or YouTube or any social media following to get approval and the best part is you will get instant approval as long as you have your email id.

Isn't it simple?

But the question is how much money Fiverr pays and how this is better than all other affiliate programs.

I will explain all in detail but first, i want you to share this article with your social media friends to get aware them of the same opportunity.

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Let's deep dive first, why only Fiverr Affiliate Program?

What is Fiverr Affiliate and How Does Fiverr Affiliate Works?

Fiverr is a freelancing service provider platform, where at the time of writing this content has around 3.42 million active buyers and closely 1 million active sellers.

You can buy almost every single service on Fiverr for as low as $5 and one of the most popular platforms for freelancing service providers.

So why can't we leverage the brand and popularity of Fiverr to generate affiliate commission?

You just need to find a user who is looking for a special service and you just need to put a bunch of suggestions from the existing sellers.

So here interesting part is you don't need to have your course or products or Gig or service to sell, just pick the one who is already selling well and share that with another user.

That is typical affiliate marketing but here the conversion will be very high because you are not selling products instead of services and people easily convert for services as compared to the product.

So why can't we cash out this opportunity by joining the Fiverr affiliate program?

Now i am sure you are curious to know how much money Fiverr is paying to their affiliates and you could be one of them.

So here is how does Fiverr Affiliate Works?

I just wanted to clarify that Fiverr pays to their affiliates for the new user first-time purchase only.

That means if any user who is not an existing user and if he first time clicked to your affiliate link and placed an order on Fiverr.

Then only you will make the purchase but if that user already has an account and making a purchase using your affiliate link then you will not get any commission.

So in summary, Fiverr is smart enough and giving only money to drive the new user to their platform.

But still, there are millions of users and you can take advantage of those users.

Now the next question in your mind is how much money you can make and how much affiliate commission Fiverr pays?

How Much Commission Does Fiveer Affiliate Pays ?

Now, this is an exciting part to know how much money or commission Fiverr pays to their affiliates or what is Fiverr affiliate commission rates.

So let me brief their affiliate commission plans, but if you want to know more in detail i strongly advise you to check their official page by clicking the button given below.

Fiverr pays to their users based on two plans.

  • CPA Plan with Fixed Commission
  • CPA+ Revenue Share plan for 12 months.
How much money Fiverr pays to their affilaites
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What is the CPA Affiliate commission of Fiverr?

Fiverr has set a fixed commission for different categories which range in between $15-$50.

That means if any user creates an account using your affiliate link and places any buying order for a specific service then Fiverr will pay you only 1 time fixed commission.

Such as below is well-known categories.



Fiverr Pro


Industrial & Product Design


Website Builders & CMS


Logo Maker


Article & Blog Posts


All other categories


The above-given categories are just a few of the categories, but to learn more about different categories and their commissions, i strongly suggest you can check clicking the given button.

What is CPA and Rev Share Affiliate commission of Fiverr?

This is another lucrative piece of the cake, there you will get a fixed CPA of $10 no matter what product that user will make a purchase.

But going forward you will get a 10% commission on every single purchase that the user will make in the next 12 months.

So a great deal to keep getting commission for the next 12 months.

Now if you will ask me if the registration process for this is different?

Then no, it is not and i will tell you how to get an affiliate link for each of the processes later in this guide.

Other Products of the Fiverr Affilaite?

Well, this is not limited to selling any Gig but Fiverr has a lot more to promote and i thought you should be aware of that.

Here are the other products you can promote.

Fivver products to promote for affiliate commission
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Now if you don't know what this all about then here is a brief about all these products.

Fiverr Business :

It is a Fiverr special program, where a large business can hire well-trusted authentic Freelancers to manage their projects and you can hire them as trusted employees.

So if you will promote the services of Fiveer then Fiverr will pay you $100 as a one-time bonus only when that user has spent $100 min.

Then after for the next 12 months, you will get 10% of whatever he will make a purchase.

Fiverr Affiliate :

Well, this program is to bring more affiliates on the platform as if you will use my affiliate link to join the Fiverr affiliate program.

Then i will keep getting 10% commissions on whatever income you will generate, and i am sure you will join with me as my team member, will you?

If you ask me why?

I love to train my people from time to time on how to do affiliate marketing and would love to invite people like you who trust my sources and help me to make a little commission.

Fiverr Learn Affiliate

Fiverr not only sell freelancing services but it also offers online courses which are part of their Learn program.

So if you directly promoting their learning program your commission would be straight 30%.

And.Co Affiliate

And. co is business management software i am not sure who is the owner of this software but Fiverr also added this into their affiliate program.

This software helps big freelancers to manage their business offering a one-stop solution on invoicing, payment, proposals, contracts, tasks, and many things while they do business with different people.

Well, don't forget there are a lot many agencies outside, who are getting million-dollar business from Fiverr and of course, they need a solution like And. co

so if you will promote this, your commission would be around 50% on generating sales on their Pro plan.

How to Get Affiliate Link For Fiverr?

This part is a little bit tricky but i will make this simple for you.

Step 1 : Join the Fiverr Affiliate Program - Click here

Step 2 : Inside your Affiliate account navigate to Marketing Tool >Default and Deep Link

How to get affiliate link for fiverr
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All those links you can see, are the affiliate links to the homepage of the Fiverr different affiliate products and you can copy and promote as many places as you want.

There you can see CPA and Hybrid, so yes these two links will give you a different commission.

CPA will give you a fixed $15-$150 commission and Hybrid is $10 +10% Revenue model share.

But what if you want the user to send to a specific Fiverr Gig or service page?

Then simply get that product link and go back to Marketing Tool >Default and Deep Link.

Then click to LP URL, enter that product GIG URL, and just hit enter.

So all your links will be rest for that specific product and now your affiliate link will drive the user to that service-specific Fiverr Gig instead of the homepage.

How to createa ffilaite linko f the product
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Well, all the instructions are already given by Fiverr not hard to execute.

I am sure, i have explained all the most important details of the Fiverr affiliate program.

If you need more on this, i strongly suggest visit their affiliate page and start making commission now.

Wrap up on Fiverr Affiliate for Beginner

Fiverr has already done its branding, you only need to take advantage of this and even the commission is pretty good.

You just need to create content in the form of a Blog or YouTube and just help people introducing the best seller of Fiverr.

The best part is people are actually in the buyer's mode and you only need to drive them to Fiverr.

So a great program with a quick start without having any of your existing social presence.

If you found this article useful and wanted to appreciate my research i request you to share as much as you can.

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