Top 11 Best Affiliate Programs to Join for Highest Paying Commission

Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs to Join for High Comission Passive Income
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Being a blogger after writing content there would be two strategies to make money online, one is through advertisement, and the other is by affiliate marketing.

According to the Statista affiliate marketing projected spending in the USA 2010-2022 is due to reach 8.2 billion U.S dollars by 2022 which is up from 5.4 billion in 2017.

That means a lot much opportunity is waiting outside and i listed the top 11 affiliate marketing programs you must enroll to make passive income online.

Affiliate marketing is a business model there the actual product owner is allowing content publishers like bloggers to promote their products for a fixed percentage of commission.

Here the money you can make varying from as low as $10 to $500 based on the products you are promoting or the number of sales you are generating.

These affiliate marketing models work on Cost per action (CPA) there you will not get money for driving traffic but only once the customer buys their products.

So here are the top 11 affiliate programs.

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Top 11 Best Affiliate Programs

A few of the listed programs will not only give you one time commissions but will also credit monthly commission if the user purchased monthly subscriptions plans.

Affiliate Market Places

Below listed platforms are the big affiliate marketplaces, there 100's of advertisers listed their products.

So you just need to signup with the marketplace and you are eligible to promote any products out from the available list.

CJ Affiliate Market Place

CJ Affilaite program
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CJ Affiliate was earlier known as commission junction and was established in the year 1998.

It is a great platform with more than 1000's advertisers joined this platform to promote their products for the fixed price commission.

You will register with CJ affiliate as a publisher to earn a commission. After successful sign up you are allowed to choose any advertising promotional link.

You can pick that advertising link inside the dashboard which you need to share with your audience or mix with the content.

If anyone will click to your affiliate link and purchase that product then the commission will be added into your CJ Affiliate account which you can withdraw.

You must register as a publisher to earn commission and with a single account, you will have access to promote any product once you are approved.

CJ Affiliate holds your amount for at least a 30-day locking period then after it has an automated system to send that money to the linked account.

ClickBank Market Place

Clickbank affilaite offers
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Clickbank is one of the most popular programs available in over 200 countries for more than 20 years.

This platform is similar to the others, there the advertisers and publishers come together and you as a publisher will sign up and get a link to promote products.

Inside the Clickbank, you will be having more than 20 categories to choose products based on popularity and gravity.

The products which are popular and others are selling in large quantity will be having higher gravity, that means more chances of conversion.

The best part with Clickbank is you will be given an affiliate marketing materials by the advertisers.

Which you can use to promote those products either on social media or in the middle of the content.

Clickbank is mainly famous for its big varieties of products category such as related to health and fitness, home improvements, personal relationships, and self-belief, etc.

Clickbank is the most popular place for digital marketers, they pick the products and use their affiliate marketing materials and promote them especially through Facebook campaign or Google or Bing Ads.

Inside the ClickBank, you will be having an option to promote the products which are having recurring billing programs.

That means you will keep making money until the user keeps buying their program upsells and downsells products.

Impact Radius Market Place

Impact Radius Affilaite program
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Impact radius is a product of company Impact which has its various products and like others, the Impact radius also has a list of brands.

You have seen the brands like Reseller club or HostGator, while you visit their website and on their home page when you try to log in their affiliate program, then they navigate you to sign up for the Impact radius.

Like the same many other companies has partnered with impact radius, sign up process will be to join impact radius and inside there filter all brand list.

Then after you will be having an option to send an email with the required details for the approval, there you can showcase them your way of promotions, etc.

If your request is been accepted then you will receive a contract inside the impact radius dashboard, you simply need to accept this and now you are partnered with that brand.

Inside the impact radius, you will get the affiliate link and can track the number of clicks received on your link and how many actions means sales have been generated.

Your commission will be released after the 30 days locking period like others, Impact has a huge brand library specially with fashion designing and technological products.

You will get promotional links for only those products for which you are already approved.

JVZoo Marketplace

JVZoo affilaite marketplace
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JVZoo is similar like ClickBank started in the eyar 2011 but there to promote product,s you need an approval from individual product owner,which is not a difficult job.

JVZoo is a palce where you can create your products, list on the platforms or can promote the other products.

The best part with JVZoo is the comission you will make will deposited to your linked PayPal or Payoneer or JVZoo wallet instantly without any holding period.

You will get high comission paying paroducts and the best for for the internet or digital marketers as it has many products related to digital marketing only.

You will get a high paying products library of training,membership programs, themes, plugins and marketing tools which can be sold immediately.

Inside the dashboard you will be having an option to check the upcoming launch products and there you can request the sample products for review or promotion.

JVZoo has a most popular products from the categories like E-commerce, business, health/fitness, self improvements and software.

Above shared market places are the most popular and if you facing any issue with the approval then you can also try for couple of others.

Below listed are one of the similar marketplaces there you will find similar products.

If you are having an audience of digital marketing then i strongly recommend you can also join below listed companies individual affiliate programs.

Digital Marketing Affiliate Programs

Below listed all the programs are most popular due to its day to day uses by the digital marketers for marketing purposes.

You can sign up for their affiliate program simply by signup through their website affiliate section, which you will find most probabaly bottom of the home page.

BuilderAll Affiliate Program

Builderall Affiliate Program
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BuilderAll was established in the year 2017 and became a trendy product now and most of the digital marketers started using especially for creating a sales funnel and email marketing.

BuilderAll is one of the most popular tools which is a set of 40+ different digital marketing tools available with a single subscription.

BuilderALL can be the best product for affiliate promotion as it has strong use cases, which cause any digital marketers will buy BuilderAll.

Such as it has an inbuilt website builder, email marketing tools, sales funnel builder, custom chatbot creators, photo and video design software, Hit map analytics and SEO report, etc.

It is a great bundle of various digital marketing tools for which people are spending every month more than $1000 that will be available with builderall under $70.

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So you have a great product to promote and BuilderAlll has its in-house affiliate program free to sign up.

BuilderAll subscription plans are monthly, which means you will get monthly recurring commission too.

You will have three ways to make money with Builderall.

Direct Referrer: You will get 100% Commission on the first sign up.

Recurring Commission: You will get 30% recurring on a monthly subscription.

Tier-2 Commission: You will get 30% recurring on a monthly subscription.

For your direct referral, you will get 100% commission of their first-month subscription amount and from the next month, you will get 30% of its active monthly paid amount.

Builderall affiliate marketing comission
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In 2-Tier commission, if your referrer will add another referer then whatever amount that end-user spends on the monthly subscription you and your direct referrer both will get 30% commission.

This is a great program to promote the products which actually has a high potential to sell in the market very easily.

GetResponse Affiliate

getresponse emailo marketing tool
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These days everyone is talking about capturing the leads and setting them on an automated email.

That causes email marketing tools to become most popular among the digital marketers, using which you not only capture the leads but will have an option such as.

  • Auto Responder Email 
  • Broadcast Email 
  • Email Automation Workflow

In the market 100's of other email marketing tools available but GetResponse is one of the most popular due to its multifunction low price structure.

GetResponse not only offers email marketing but has its inbuilt sales funnel creator, landing page creator, having an option to create an eCommerce store to integrate with the funnel.

It has an option to schedule a webinar and set up an automation email workflow for any specific product promotion and the user will get a 30-day free sign up for trial.

GetResponse has its affiliate program, which you can join for free and can make affiliate commission.

Bounty Commission : $100 one time for user sign up.

Recurring Commission : 33% every month recurring commission

Either you can enroll for the one time $100 commission for every sale you referred or can enroll for the recurring commission of 33%.

Getresponse affialite program
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Well, i strongly recommend going with a 33% recurring program that will set your lifetime earning, and once if anyone joins the email marketing program, it has a very low chance that it breaks the tie with them.

As GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial, so the one-time bounty or 33% recurring commission will be only paid once the user continues or subscribe to the paid subscription plan.

AWeber Affilaite Program

AWEber email marketing tool
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AWeber is another most popular program that offers similar features like GetResponse and can be used for various email marketing strategies.

But GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial however AWeber offers free service up to 500 subscribers.

Well, AWeber is only specific to email marketing purposes, no Webinar, or no ways to create sales funnel.

It has inbuilt templates for the subscribe form and feature to integrate with Shopify stores or WordPress site etc like other email marketing tools.

But you will be having an option to create landing pages or can use the inbuilt template to capture the leads but will have a limited number of templates.

Well, AWeber also offers an affiliate program which only offers the recurring commission program.

As the initial sign-up is free for any use, you can easily ask users to enroll for the same but once that user will switch to the monthly plan you will start getting a 30% recurring commission.

Its basic monthly plan starts with $19 which means the minimum commission you will get is $5.70 from each referral the more the number the higher will be an income.

Sign up process for the AWeber is totally free and not required any special requirement to get it approved.

But as i said the same products can be listed on one of the above marketplaces such as AWeber listed with JVZoo if you have registered with JVZoo then no need to signup its individual program.

Above suggested are the most popular tools which you can sell to the digital marketers and below are a couple of other best digital marketing products you bottle try.

Above listed all the affiliate products will have a great collection of the products but if you are looking for the fix bounty commission on your direct sale then the web hosting affiliate programs are the best high paying programs.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Web hosting is a product used for the hosting content of any website and for every online business to have its website, Web hosting is a much-needed product.

A lot many hosting companies available in the market, few of them are offering commission based on the percentage while others as a bounty for one time, and few also offering a recurring commission.

A2 Hosting Affiliate

A2 Hosting affiliate program
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A2 Hosting was started back in the year 2001 and offering various plans for web hosting starting from the shared hosting to VPS, reseller, and dedicated servers.

The best part which i love about A2 hosting is it offering the user an Anytime moneyback guarantee which causes the user will have no fear of losing money.

A2 hosting offers its turbo speed plan which offers 20X fastest website loading speed as compared to other hosting provider services.

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The best part is you will not only make a commission for your direct referrer but if your referer also promotes A2 hosting further then even you can make $5 for each new joiner.

A2 hosting offers a minimum of $55/sale for the first 10 sign up and later it increases as the number of sales keeps increasing every month.

A2 Hosting affilaite program sales commission
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The signup process will be simpler just provide the email id and your website or youtube channel link as the source of traffic but you can drive traffic from anywhere.

BlueHost Affiliate Program

Blueost affialite program
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Bluehost is another most popular WordPress recommended web hosting service provided started in the year 2001.

It got popularity as it offers the best affordable services for the WordPress website owners with a free domain name and the free lifetime SSL for all the hosted websites.

It has great online chat support and a 30-day money-back guarantee that gives a reason to a beginner to signup its cost-effective budgetary web hosting plans.

BlueHost also offers shared, VPS, WordPress, and dedicated web hosting plans with varieties of the different price range.

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Since the very beginning, it is one of the most popular affiliate programs which offering $65/Sale for the web hosting sale, no matter what plan the user is going to buy.

Bluehost like other hosting providers has its own dashboard to track the number of people clicking to the link and how many of them have bought a hosting.

BlueHost has a 30 day locking period to release your converted sale as it offers a full money-back guarantee to the actual buyers.

After 30 days to your linked account money will be transferred automatically.

CloudWays Affiliate Program

Cloudways web hosting
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BlueHost and A2 are among the highest paying most affordable web hosting affiliate programs but both are well known for the shared hosting provider services.

Cloudways is well known for the cloud web hosting provider services as it will mainly suit for those websites which are getting more than 100k+ traffic every month.

The site owner, who doesn't want to go with VPS or dedicated server options and willing to pay as per use then they wanted to go with Cloud-based web hosting.

CloudWays is the collection of the 5 best cloud service providers that means sign up with Cloudways and users will have the option to choose from 5 cloud web hosting provider companies.

  • Amazon AWS
  • Digital Ocean
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Linode
  • Vultr

Their user will have an option to choose the location of the server and the cloud hosting provider for the best affordable price and server near to the website most traffic.

With this great product, you have an opportunity to join its affiliate program which is based on two models.

Slab Based Affiliate :

In a slab-based model, you will be paid instantly for a minimum $50/sale up to the first 1-5 customers then the commission keeps increasing up to $125/sale.

Slab based comission of Cloudways
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Hybrid Based Affiliate :

In this model, you will keep making lifetime income until the user is active with Cloudways.

Cloudways will offer upfront $30 commission for the first user sign up then after 7% recurring commission on whatever user will paying for the CloudWays services.

So it depends on the plans and the resources user will use.

The joining process with the CloudWays affiliate program is not much difficult, you just need to create an account and inside your account, you can join the affiliate program.

Above shared are just a few of the most popular affiliate programs in the web hosting service providers list but if you want you can also go with the below listed most popular programs.

Another most popular affiliate marketing products which are worth targeting is the SEO tool and in this list the most popular one is SEMRush.

SEO Affiliate Marketing Tools

Specially content marketers are looking for a tool to analyze their website performance from the SEO perspective and also looking for the best-targeted keywords.

In this list, the SEMRush along with Ahref is among the most popular tool used by the SEO experts.

SEMRush Affiliate Program

SEMRush SEO and SEM tool
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SEMRush is a SEO and SEM analysis most popular tool used mainly for the keyword research and content marketing research purposes.

It has its inbuilt set of 40+ different tools including the keyword magic,backlink checker domain analysis and many others to make SEO expert job easier.

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SEMRush affiliate program is run through the Berush, which is SEMRush in-house affiliate program.

Berush has the complete tracking mechanism for the traffic you are driving through an affiliate link to SEMrush etc and you can make a 40% recurring commission for each sale lifetime.

But recently they have introduced the SEMRush affiliate program on the Marketplace SahreASale there the commission program has been changed.

SEMRush affilaite Program
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SEMRush offer 7 or 14 day free trial to the user and if anyone sign up for the free trial you will receive $10 in commission for that lead.

And if that user will switch to the confirm subscription or monthly plan then you will make $200 for every sale upfront.

The best part is you will be having an extended cookies duration of upto 120 days.

That means once user will click to the link you will have next 120 days to get commission from the same user if he make any purchase from SEMRush.

Ahref is not offering any Affilaite program but if you want to sale few other SEO tools then below could be the best choice to promote.

Well, i hope you got an idea how affiliate marketing works and which tool would be the best place to register yourself.

Remeber no commission will be paid for driving traffic the sale will be based on the cost per action that means user has to sign up or purchase the products.

Wrap up on the Best Affiliate Program

I always prefer to go with the recurring commission as the one time bounty would be the best if you want to make monmey instantly .

But recurring commission will give you money for long time and if you can get more sales in your monthly commission will be efficient enough to get livings.

If you are not much confident on how to identify any program is registered with which affiliate marketplace then use the Google chrome extension Affilitizer.

That will display where exactly you need to register for that product affiliate program sign up.

I am sure this guide has added some value in your learning if so make sure to share as much as possible to help others making passive income.

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