SEMrush Free Trial For 14 Days : Grab Pro Account worth $99 for Free

SEMRush Free trial : How to grab discount for Best seo tool
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These days the real success lies in finding the right keyword with appropriate search volume and accurate SEO difficulty.

More than 70 million blog posts published every month but 91% of all never getting any organic traffic.

You know why, because they don't know the real crisp of finding perfect keyword.

Imagine keyword is a search query which user is directly searching for finding the solution and if you targeted that query and provided any affordable solution then you will get an instant return of your investment on any keyword research tool.

In this list the most popular keyword research tool is SEMRush and you can grab the 14-Days SEMRush Free trial to test and experience its Pro Account which is worth Rs $99/Month.

This is a golden opportunity for all digital marketers or SEO learners and bloggers to experience the most favorite world's No. 1 SEO and SEM tool for free.

Just to get your confidence check below screenshot of my earning, it is all because of finding the right keyword and targeting in the right way.

A2 Hosting earning affilaite
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What I shared is only 1 part of affiliate earning there is much more which all are because I found the right keyword and right audience to target.

So are you excited? if yes then read more.

This guide will elaborate on what is SEMrush and how you can sign up for SEMRush free trial.

And what features, you can use with SEMRush for finding the exclusive low keyword difficulty hanging keywords.

SEMrush Free Trial Advantage and Features

It is obvious to understand the advantage of the SEMRush free trial as to what features you will get access to and how you can use them to find opportunities.

Do remember SEMRush has over 6 million active users and over 20 billion keyword database explaining the keyword positioning over 147 countries in mobile and desktop versions.

That means you can understand which keyword in which country ranking at which position and if you wanted to target the same how much is the search engine ranking difficulty.

Isn't it awesome?

If willing to explore how to use SEMRush might be this video will be helpful.

SEMRush is having approx 45 tools for various categories of SEO and SEM purposes but for us, few much-needed SEO tools are good enough.

SEMRush SEO Tools features
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Hence I highlighted major features of SEMRush which you can use for SEO.

Keyword research Tool

SEMRush has its most powerful keyword magic tool which asks you for your seed keyword and a rest job will be done by the tool.

The tool will search not only specific keywords but all the relative keywords and thousands of short and long-tail keyword ideas.

You must visit Keyword Analytics>Keyword magic Tool>Enter your keyword.

SEMRUSH keyword magic keyword research matrix
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It displays all the list of keywords with its search volume, CPC, and keyword or SEO difficulty.

Using this tool you can find out the keyword or search query which is less competitive and high traffic attractive.

Backlinks Analytics

Backlinks are the most powerful search engine ranking signal and checking all links manually will be much difficult.

With the SEMRush backlink Analysis tool, your job will be much easier to access tools to follow the below steps.

Go to Domain Analytics > Backlinks > enter the Domain name.

Backlink analytics or checker tool SEMRush
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The tool displays the domain authority, the number of domains link with the website, and the number of backlinks pointing to the website.

It has a much detailed overview once you click on various options display there such as count of Do-Follow, Sponsor,No Follow backlinks, etc.

so you can plan or analyze the backlinks of any website and can rank accordingly.

Site Audit

Probably you are unaware of what mistake you have done with the site in terms of the technical SEO.

But Site audit will crawl all the pages of the site and will highlight all the errors or issues which need immediate attention, so how can you miss this feature.

Keyword Gap Analysis

his tool will give you a great opportunity, there you can compare up to 5 competitors and can find a common keyword or missing keyword.

The keyword which ranking in one but not on other so you can pull those keywords and can include the same in your content.

The above features are just highlights there is much more to explore with SEMRush so grab your first 7-day free trial now.

SEMRush offer three most popular plan for a digital marketer, which has below list of comparisons but Pro and Guru are most recommended.

Semrush Pricing plans
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Click here for SEMRush 14 -Days Free Trial

How to SignUp for SEMRush Free Trial for 14 Days

SEMRush Pro account is costing around $99.95 but for you, I have a special link to get 14 Days Free Trial.

In order to claim the Free trial follow the below steps.

Step 1: Click here to Exclusive link and you will be landed on HomePage.

SEMRush 14 Days Free trial keyword research tool
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Step 2: Click to Get a free 14-Days Trial button displayed on your homepage which prompts for Sign in.

Provide your Gmail ID for the login purpose else you can choose another option.

Step 3: The new screen will display with 14 days free trial and enter billing information.

Remember you will not be charged anything in first 14 days trial, so that details need to be valid.

SEMRush billing details
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Step 4 : On same screen scroll down and provide the billing address, which link with your account as a reference and taxes will be calculated accordingly, when you plan to buy monthly subscriptions after trial period.

Provide Billing address for SEMRush buy
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Step 5: Confirm the Purchase Summary, the total charge should be $0.00 and Account Type should have SEMRush PRO : 14 Days Free Trial.

SEMRUSH discount special promo code
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Once you verified all the details make sure to click Place the order and you are done.

Step 6: Congratulations !! Your trial is activated

SEMRush Free trial activated
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Here i am in SEMRush Dashboard to explore all the keyword research and SEO.

How to do SEMRush keyword research
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Click here for SEMRush 14 -Day Free Trial

Frequency Asked Question SEMRush

Q1 : Can i cancel SEMRush Free trial?

Yes why not, you have control over your account and if you don't want to continue with tool then you can cancel it before ending of 14 days free trial.

Q2 : Which plan you can access for 14 Days Free Trial?

You can sign up for any Pro plan with single Email id but later you can upgrade to its Guru plan if you want.

Q3 : Is it Possible to Avail to SEMRush Free Trial without Credit Card?

Unfortunately no, that is the reason SEMRush is offering you free trial, so you can trust their services and can keep continuing their subscriptions.

Q4 : How to claim 14 Days Free Trial?

Remeber 14 Days trial is only for the Bloggingos readers, so make sure to click the link given in the middle of the contnet else you will get only 7 Days free trial.

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