Builderall Review (14 Days Free Trial) : Is it Profitable (Honest Opinion)?

Builderall Review : Is it worth using builderall
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The basic need for any business to get more sales or branding or customers is to use digital marketing tools and the same applies to every small or big enterprise.

So how Builderall can help you in that is the most asked question along with, is builderall worth investing tool to promote any products.

If you are in the same boat then this builderall review guide has an answer for all your queries.

But first What is Builderall?

Just to brief, Builderall is a suite of more than 40+ digital marketing tools at a commonplace so you don't have to buy any separate tool other than builderall.

This includes Email marketing, website builder, sales funnel creation, photo or Video designing, and almost all tools that you are familiar with.

Isn't it exciting to know, is builderall worth investing or affordable tool or just another scrap?

So if you are asking, can I get an honest builderall review?

Then I have been using Builderall for the past 3 months and based on my experience I am writing this builderall review guide so I am sure it is worth reading for everyone.

What is Builderall and How it Works?

Builderall is a tool designed by Eric Salgado in the year 2017 to minimize the expenses on the different digital marketing tools by combining all of them in one.

Yes, Builderall is a set of different digital marketing tools that you might have used or plan to use in your day to day business.

This is created with a vision to minimize your monthly overall expenses on any tool you purchase individually and keep subscribing every month.

If I summarise then what most tools you use in your day to day business such as

  • Email marketing tools
  • Website builder tools.
  • Sales funnel creation tools.
  • Video Editing software.
  • 3D or cover photo editing software
  • Website SEO reporting, Hit Map, Push notification, etc tools
  • E-Commerce or E-Learning tools.
  • Android or iOS mobile App developer tool

Builderall is software in the cloud that can be easily accessible from anywhere simply browsing and providing credentials.

The best part is you can also get a 14-day free trial without entering any credit card details.

Builderall is a collection of all those different digital marketing tools at the commonplace, what you need is just log in from wherever you are and you will get all in one place.

Builderall Tools is builderall worth investing tool
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There you can see how builderall look like when you first-time login, I have installed more than 4 tools to my dashboard, similarly you have to install the one you want.

In order to use that tool, you just have to hit Enter and you will be inside that tool from there you can use that tool the way you want.

If you are curious, what are the tools and for what purpose you can use them, i already explained that later in this guide.

For quick recap on the Creation of Sales funnel with Builderall as the best alternative of Clickfunnel watch this video.

But I am sure you will be curious about its pricing plans and is it really worth and affordable tool?

Builderall Pricing Plans and Is it Affordabel tool?

To maintain my day to day business and to get more clients or customers to my products or services including my blogs I am using more than 7 tools.

Based on your subscription plan, you might be paying more than $500/month and as time progresses and you want more marketing as a result this price will definitely shoot.

But the ultimate solution with the same is the builderall as its most expensive plan will cost you only $69.90/month at max.

Builderall pricing plans
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Builderall offers a total of five plans with a variety of features but closely similar, so let compare the Premium plan.

The premium plan allows you to host unlimited websites and unlimited subscribers that means you will be having access to almost every tool of the Builderall.

But not to worry you will be getting 14 Day Free Trial of the essential Plan to try the features which the Premium plan is offering as it has a limitation with only subscribers and webspace.

So let compare, is builderall worth investing or not by taking the reference of its most expensive Premium plan $69.90/month.

If you will opt for the Premium plan then your total 12-month expense would be somewhere $69.90*12= $839.

Now let compare how much money you will invest or already investing for a couple of tools.

  • Email Marketing Tools such as GetResponse: $500/year for Unlimited
  • Website Page Builder like Thrive Page Builder: $100/Year
  • Sales Funnel Creator like Clickfunnel: $1200/Year
  • Website Hit Analytics such as HitMap: $1200/Year
  • Website SEO Report Analytics: $100/Year
  • Website Push Notification such as One Signal: $1200/Year
  • Auto Responder to Facebook, Telegram, etc: $500/Year
  • Android/iOS mobile app developer: $400/Year
  • Various Design studios for Photo, Video, etc: $300/Year
  •  Woo Commerce website builder such as Shopify: $350/Year

Let stop and add all of them and you will be having an approx charge of around $7000/Year or maybe more as I took only 10 tools there are a lot many other tools.

So straight forward you are saving $7000-$840=$6100 for a year so I am sure you got the point using a Builderall, how you can save safety money on these many tools.

Its most expensive plan will cost only $70/month but you might be already investing $700/month, so you are better to do the math yourself.

So I am confident that now you are very much clear how builderall is an affordable tool and worth investing tool for digital marketing.

Now let me highlight the features of its various tools and their usage so you will get a good idea of how to use this tool.

Builderall Tools and How to use Builderall?

As I discussed earlier, builderall is a set of tools which means you will be having all the tools at the commonplace.

Hence I decided to introduce the most famous tools one by one, so at least you will be familiar with the use of each and you can link them with your existing tools.

To access any tools first you have to install them to the dashboard by simply clicking to the Install More Tools then after hit Enter to each tool.

How to Install Apps to Builderall
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Once you click to Install more tool you will be having all the tools which you can select and click to Add and will be added to your dashboard.

How to install applicaiton in builderall
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The total tools in Builderall have been classified into the 6 most popular category such as.

  • Website Builders 
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • User Engagement and marketing tools
  • Various Design tools
  • Various Reporting Tools
  • Other Tools

Let me highlight all the major highlights of the Builderall tools.

Cheeta Drag N Drop Website Builder:

When you plan for building a sales funnel there you need a website page builder through which you can create sales funnel and link all web pages together.

Cheeta Drag and N Drop builder will allow you to create the pages with an optimization option around the desktop, tablet, and mobile windows.

Builderall Cheeta Drag N Drop Page Builder
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Builderall has its inbuilt template for Opt-In pages, Email Confirmation page, Bridge page, etc which you can directly use and customize them.

You will get unlimited web hosting to host or control as much traffic as you want.

Builderall Canvas  for Sales Funnel Builder

If you are using tools like Clickfunnel for sales funnel creation which itself costing around $97/month then Builderall Canvas is the best alternative of Clickfunnel.

Builderall canvas is the tool where all the other tools including the Cheeta web page builder come together and you can create a sales funnel for any product promotion like Clickbank or your own.

Builderall Builder Canvas tool to create sales funnel
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Here you can see while you set up a tool you will be having an inbuilt template that you can choose and later can customize pages for each of them.

As in the above screenshot, you can see Bridge funnel which I choose and love the most for most conversion.

eCommerce App to Design Online Store

An eCommerce store is the best alternative to replace your existing online eCommerce store such as store on Shopify.

You can create your online store and even create or set up your own affiliate program if you have any such plans.

Ecommerce store app within the builderall
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Builderall offers all options to set up payment gateway and followup with users using the email marketing tools etc as you explore this you will get all.

E-learning App to Design online Course

Either you are using Teachable, Skillshare or UDEMY etc to upload your online courses.

Where platforms like teachable charge you more than $100/month to host and support all the online courses and students.

The same you can create using the application like E-learning application within the Buiilderall.

elearning app builderall
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You can also assign instructors, communicate with students, and also set the progress bar for each students learning or even lock or unlock lectures as the student progress.

MailingBoss Drag N Drop Eamil Marketing Tools

I am sure the most expensive tool in your digital marketing tool library is the Email marketing tool as you increase the number of subscribers the pricing will keep increasing.

Then builderall offer similar kind of Email marketing tool and in their Premium plan, you will be having unlimited subscribers.

Builderall Mailingboss email marketing tools
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Using Mailingboss you can create a mailing list of subscribers, set email autoresponders, broadcast email anytime, etc.

Well, this is the prime tool that you can use with Builder Canvas or Cheeta Page builder to capture leads and take followup by sending emails.

The best part is you will be not charged as the plan offers unlimited emails with unlimited subscribers list under their premium plan.

Professional Messanger Chat Bot

The purpose of the tool is very clear from its name that this time business is not hanging around the only website, YouTube, or email list but you need a system on the place to connect with Facebook users.

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So to set up a Facebook messenger chatbot you will be having an app inside Builderall, simply install the same and get more conversion.

Browser Notification App

The best way to drive traffic to your website is to set online or offline push notification to the website.

When you landed the first time on this site you might have seen this little box which was asking you to Allow or subscribe ,why?

Push Notification for browser in Builderall
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Because that makes my job easier to send you any update on that device anytime I update or publish any new blog post.

Builderall inbuilt Browser notification app will do the same job and you don't have to pay extra as it is already part of the Premium package.

Create Mobile Android or iOS App

If you want to build a mobile app for your website or blog you don't have to go anywhere as builderall App builder will make that for you.

You can design your mobile app the way you want using its inbuilt theme which you can customize for color, font, etc.

Android App developer using Builderall
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What you need is just lunch that app to any platform like Google Playstore for android or Mac store for iOS or wherever you want to.

Mockup Studio to Design Video,Photo

This is the unique and cool feature of the Builderall as it offers the best designing tool for the promotional purpose.

Probably you are paying for the same to others as you are lack resources to design them and we all know the marketing of the products on various platforms is very important.

Mockup Studio for Builderall
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Using the Mockup tool you can design images, videos, and Facebook posts for more viewers' attention, this tool has many exclusive features.

You will be having access to various pre-design templates, simply import your images or videos to them and the rest tool will create the best out of it.

SEO Report and Hit Map Analytics

Everyone is looking for SEO and taking various services from other marketing agencies to find out the SEO issues with the website you are building.

But Builderall has its inbuilt features which cause you can get the SEO report analysis of the website you are adding along with the suggested solution.

Similarly, you are familiar with Hit Map tools which analyze where exactly the user is hitting on your page.

Using the Click map tool of the builderall, you can link not only the website created in Builderall but any external site to monitor the user action on any web page.

Later you can place ads or products to those positions for the more conversion.

Virtual Assistance Access

This is the smart feature of the builderall, which helps you to give limited access to any VA if you have hired him to support your business.

You will be having an option to provide access for any specific area in a restricted manner so he can support any user queries and continue with the assigned tasks.

Well, I am sure after going through these many tools you got an idea with a wide variety of scope with Builderall as I just shared less than 10 tools.

Similarly, you will have more designing and website builder tool and telegram autoresponder, script generator tool to draft emails for you, etc.

So now tell me, what do you think about the Builderall as I find this tool among the most affordable tool bucket or at least give a try to tool with 14-day free trial.

Now let me give you an idea about the Builderall Support

Builderall Support

I am sure as a beginner you will get confuse on which tool to use and how to use them so if you have any queries related to builderall usage.

You will be having 24/7 customer chat support to solve your every single query and in most of the cases, I found got connected in just 1-2 minutes.

Live Chat support Builderall
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There you can see how quickly I got a response back, well they also shared a support guide so you will be having another option is to go through their detailed help Docs.

Builderall Support Guides
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You will also be having an option to raise a support ticket and using the same you can also solve any technical or non-technical query very quickly.

So I am also pretty much happy with the Builderall support services and probably you too.

I hope this Builderall review guide helps you a lot in understanding the usage of the Builderall.

But the use of the tool will be the one way to save your money on other tools but Buildeall also offers one of the best affiliate programs to make money by only promoting tools.

So if you just wanted to promote this tool then let me highlight the same as well.

How does Builderall affiliate marketing work?

Remember affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry but the biggest headache is to find out the right product and share with the needy people.

Having a tool like Builderall I am sure you have already passed through the headache of the best marketing tool now you only need an audience to promote them.

I keep teaching the same to people on my YouTube channel Mr. Vyas (Hindi) and Kirtish Vyas (English).

So let discuss how Builderall affiliate marketing works and is Builderall a scam or any MLM Ponzi scheme promotion?

How to Signup Builderall Affiliate Program?

First of all, the good news is you do not need to have any paid subscription of the Builderall, which means just free sign up and start your affiliate program.

If you want to join the Builderall Affiliate link for free then simply click to this Free sign up link and just provide your Email address and name that's it.

Remember affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry but the biggest headache is to find out the right product and share with the needy people.

Having a tool like Builderall I am sure you have already passed through the headache of the best marketing tool now you only need an audience to promote them.

I keep teaching the same to people on my YouTube channel Mr. Vyas (Hindi) and Kirtish Vyas (English).

So let discuss how Builderall affiliate marketing works and is Builderall a scam or any MLM Ponzi scheme promotion?

How to Signup Builderall Affiliate Program?

First of all, the good news is you do not need to have any paid subscription of the Builderall, which means just free sign up and start your affiliate program.

If you want to join the Builderall Affiliate link for free then simply click to this Free sign up link and just provide your Email address and name that's it.

Once you sign up and in order to get an affiliate link simply click to Affiliate--> Funnel Club you will be having your promotional link.

How builderall affilaite marketing works
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There you can see at present I have 30 active affiliates under the Builderall and all are either promoting or using the same tool

So you are curious about how much money Builderall pay to you?

How to Make money using Builderall

The first thing you need to remember is Builderall does not offer any money for just referring the program.

Builderall affiliate marketing comission
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  • Builderall Commission will be paid only for the paid subscription by the referred user, mean once the referred user will buy any of the builderall plans.
  • Whenever your direct referral buys any of the Builderall plans you will make a 100% commission for the first sale.
  • You will also make a recurring commission of 30% until your direct referral keeps activating and paying monthly billing for the purchased plan.
  • Builderall also offers 2 Tier Commission means, if your referrer promotes the same tool further you will also get a commission for the same.
  • It is not an MLM or Ponzi scheme, so Builderall only offers commission up to 2 Tier not further than that, so if down the line anyone selling the same you will not making money.
  • You will also be paid by the 30% commission on the 2nd Tier customers which sale is generated by your direct referrer.

So I found this among the best affiliate network to join as you can make monthly recurring income.

Wrap Up on Builderall Review

Builderall invested a lot to build this great software and offering a 14-day free trial will also give you a chance to explore yourself.

You don't have to buy any active plan of Builderall to join their affiliate program so I don't think there is any better opportunity out there.

If you are already using the sales funnel creator tool Clickfunnel and looking for the best alternative of Clickfunnel then I should say give a try to Builderall.

I have been using Builderall for quite some time and happy with the usage and customer support so now this all up to you how you would like to rate Builderall.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Is Builderall worth investing for?

If you compare the price and available different applications then absolutely yes it the most affordable tool.

Q2: Is ClickFunnels better than Builderall?

No doubt Clickfunnel is well known for the sales funnel creation but the most expensive tool and has more inbuilt templates and training material, so it is up to your choice you want only sales funnel or all.

Q3: Is it worth using Builderall for blogging?

I suggest for the creation of the blog you must use WordPress but Builderall has an option to integrate WordPress with 3 click installation, then after you can use all other tools.

Q4: Do I need to have my own website to operate Builderall?

No, builderall is a cloud software it just asks for the credentials for login and then after you can create your website in it.

Q5 : Is Builderall offer Free Plan?

First of all, Builderall offers a 14-day free trial then after you can continue with its Free plan which also offers up to free 100 subscribers and 3 websites can be created.

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