5 Best Blogging Books For Beginner (Digital Marketer Must Read)

I feel very grateful that you are really interested in learning new things.

In my whole journey of blogging or digital marketing, i learned one thing very honestly and is worth sharing with you.

That time is very crucial and a key factor in getting huge success in life and you should not waste your time in doing random experiments.

Remember, it is worth getting success in your early age of life else you will not be able to enjoy success truly. 

So earlier you get the success mantras the later part of your life will be more comfortable than others.

Are you really looking to invest your time at the right place?

Then the only best way is reading the great books and you know why?

Because the books are not only a combination of words but the collection of great experiments and great ideas of personalities, who already invested time on behalf of you.

So why do you do the same experiment and why can't you use their secrets or experiments to grow your learning and success?

In this list, I would like to quote the great thought of Bill Gates.

Reading is still the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding

Bill Gates Images
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Bill Gates

Not only Bill Gates but many personalities quoted the same thing and you must believe in that.

Even I feel that you aren't born in an age where you make mistakes first and learn later.

Do you agree with me?

That is why i love to read books and keep recommending the same to my audience

But if  you are specifically looking for blogging books then you are not at the right place.

For blogging I prefer to read blogs and watch YouTube Channels and for more you can enroll for my Blogging course.

Because here I am going to highlight to you about the real jewel of digital marketing and life changing books.

Which reveals the secret of success at the every moment of your digital marketing journey.

So if you are excited then below are my top notch choices and i will keep adding as i finish more and more books.

5 Must Read Books for Blogger

The provided books are the collection from different streams and you can grab their copy from the various places.

In this list the first three books are only for those who are seriously looking to build great business.

1 : Dot Com Secrets

DOT COM Secret book Russel  Brunson
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This book is written by the great funnel expert  Russel Brunson the CEO and Co-founder of company clickfunnel .

I know many people who wrote blogs for only interest but most bloggers love to monetize blogs and make money out of it by settling up a business.

If you are in the same list and looking to grow your business or company online using the secret sales funnel strategy then this book is a real secret of learning.

Russel Brunson and his team have listed all the secret strategies to grow your company faster than anything you ever experienced before ,that converts your reader into a full time customer.

The book is written based on the thousands of experiments done by his team over the decades.Which listed all types of funnels work best for your situation.

You can grab the Free copy of DOT COM Secret. The only thing you have to pay is the shipping fee.

2: Expert Secrets

Expert Secret by Russel Brunson
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This is yet another great collection of the experiments shared by Russel Brunson.

It is very much different to learn things and to get real results out of it as not every learner can get amazing results out of it and there you need some real success strategies.

Russel Brunson and his team has tested over 6 million funnels and 130+ Split tests and identified the best funnel which really works great.

This book reveals the way on how you can convert your online visitors into lifelong visitors.

It covers ways of finding the opportunity and grab the best advantage out of it and step by step ladder on how you can get success.

Best part is you can grab the free copy of the Expert Secret book and you have to pay only a shipping fee.

3: Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secret book for Russel Brunson
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Yet another great collection which bloggers must read as it reveals the 20 different traffic secrets to drive lots and lots of traffic to websites or your products.

First answer yourself, can you rely on Google lifetime,can you rely on facebook or instagram lifetime?

I don't and I never wanted to be as I need independent sources of traffic and that is why I head over to the third most popular great book written by Russel Brunson.

Probably you are already getting traffic but not retaining those customers for future purpose,which you can do that easily.

So what strategies do you have to follow, which can turn your business growth exponentially and will give you lifetime traffic?

All those great traffic secrets are listed in the Traffic Secret book.

Once again, you can grab the Free copy of the Traffic Secret book the only thing you are paying is the shipping fee.

4: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyoski
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Rich Dad Poor Dad is written by an American businessman and great entrepreneur Robert Kiyoski based on his 60 years of life experience.

Remember,how you manage your finances will matter a lot in your retirement life, there I observed many people who are still struggling to make money even in their 70's.

And I don't think you want to be in the same position if you agree with me then take out your 7 days worth of time and finish this book immediately.

I have read this book two times and it explained to me the real difference in between what are assets and what are finances.

How to invest your money to keep making recurring income lifetime.

I can bet you on this, if you finish this book your perspective towards financial management will completely change.

Remember you will get his 60 years of experience for a couple of bucks and you should take an advantage or do your own experiments.

Grab your copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad by clicking the suggested button.

4: Adweek CopyWriting Book

Copywriting book by Joseph Sugarman
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This book is written by Joseph Sugarman, a well recognised most effective advertising copywriter of America.

Writing a content or blog is not merely putting any random words but it is an art of communicating with an unknown person whom you never met.

Well,if you are still with me and keep reading what I wrote in this blog post or others it is just because I learned the real secrets of writing the best copy.

I have read this book two times and it changed my perspective of how to drive the reader's attention and drag him till the end of your copy.

Everything you write or read,everything you buy or sell has a compelling collection of ads or messages written on it.

If you would like to write a blog or send the best email copy to your buyers this book will change your thoughts of writing and skill of communication.

I strongly recommend every blogger or digital marketer to grab one copy of the Copywriting handbook written by Joseph Sugarman.

Now It's Your Turn

This is not the end, I will keep reading more and more books as I don't want to try new things and fail miserably.

I don't even want you to fail in doing the same things,if you have any thoughts of getting early success then give a try to all the above collections one time.

I shared my best, now it is your turn to share the best blogging books for beginner collection with your family and friends by  hitting social sharing buttons.

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  1. Thanks you sir , I am learning a lot from you each and every day, this guide regarding to book I will definitely following and as you say I have read rich dad and poor dad and it gives values , I will read another book soon and I recommend everyone who want to change his perspective regarding life , financial management and writing skills should read this.

    Thank you sir providing values and helping us who are emerging bloggers.


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