30+ High DA-PA Forum Site For Do-Follow Backlinks

Struggling to create Do follow backlinks? Then I suggest starting with the forum website, but why?

The reasons are very clear they already have higher authority and Google keeps crawling such forum website pages due to frequent updates from the users.

But the problem is out of the countless forum sites, which one you should start using which can actually bring value to your site?

So I searched a lot to find out legit places to create backlinks.

After long research, I have prepared a list of forum sites that allow to creation DoFollow backlinks.

So do bookmark this page and check each and every forum which suits best to your niche blog.

Well if you are new to SEO then highly recommend you to read the below suggested guide.

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Let me first highlight why create backlinks on the forum website and if you are in a hurry then can jump directly to the list of forum sites.

Why You should create Backlinks on Forums sites

Every website owner looking for opportunities to build DoFollow Backlinks but only a few got successful.

It is very hard to rank your webpage without Backlinks but still, I say your content must be king.

If you have quality content and a grip on Google ranking hacks then you can drive traffic to your website.

But how the forum can help you to rank #1 on your new or existing blogs?

#1: Free Direct or indirect Traffic

Forum has the potential to drive traffic without a doubt but the question is how?

Either you can find out the questions which is been answered by fewer and viewed by many or you keep writing a bunch of answers around the same topic.

In both cases, you are targeting the same audience and the same questions with different variations and as a result, over time you will find your content starts getting attraction from readers or Quora.

And as a result, your link within the content will suggest that users visit your blog for more detailed information.

If need practical advice on the same I would highly recommend you watch the detailed video I created around the same topic.

#2: Free DoFollow Backlinks

This is what I could expect you to be looking for. While sharing your content make sure to provide half-impressive info on that post and for the rest ask people to visit your own blog.

This will require a link to map with a Blog post and this link will work as DoFollow backlinks.

But be aware not every forum will provide you DoFollow backlinks, to check what is DoFollow Backlinks and how to create Do Follow learn more from the below guide.

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So let’s jump onto your most awaited list of 30+ high DA-PA forum websites for do-follow backlinks

Do follow Backlinks Forum Sites List

All below listed forum sites are available for free sign up so just click on the given link create a profile and rest I assume you know how to use it.

  1. V7n Web Development Community
  2. The Joomla Forum
  3. Digital Point Forum
  4. MySQL Forums
  5. FileZilla Forums
  6. Web hosting Forums
  7. SeoChat Forum
  8. Windows Forums
  9. ChefTalk Forum
  10. Ubuntu Forums
  11. Audacity Forum
  12. WhatisMyIP
  13. business advice Forum
  14. 866MyMajor Forum
  15. WonderCMS Community
  16. Alice Forum
  17. Tech Support Forum
  18. CNET Forum
  19. Site Point Forum
  20. Warrior Forum
  21. Geek Village Forum
  22. PhpBB Forum
  23. Houzz (Garden Web) Forum
  24. XDA Developers Forum
  25. Chronicle Forum
  26. Miui Redefined Android Forum
  27. IDPF Forum
  28. Discussions Forum
  29. SkyScraperCity Forum
  30. TalkGold Forum
  31. EUbusiness Forum

Final Thought on the Use of Forum Sites Backlinks

All the above-listed forums mostly offer do-follow links but don’t try to spam them by posting irrelevant or spammy answers copied from some AI tools.

Otherwise, your content and account will be marked as spam and you will lose all efforts you already put to build that profile.

Never jump on all forums, to be honest, be part of 2-3 only which you really feel impressive.

Make sure to be active on such forums at least one time in a week or two weeks and you can enjoy the traffic and backlinks of such high PR Backlinks sites list.

Try to answer questions for that specific thread and put your link in the description while sharing answers.

Be patient because indexing your backlinks will take some time.

Do share your experiences and what you think about the above lists and comment us if you have any other high DA forum site lists to share with us.

Does Quora offer Do Follow backlinks?

No, quora do not offer do-follow backlinks but the link created on the same will get you enough indirect traffic to your site.

Does Reddit offer Do Follow backlinks?

No, same as Quora Reddit does not offer do-follow backlinks but if you can build your strong profile with Reddit it will be more than do-follow backlinks.

How many links we should insert in a forum post?

Less will be better I suggest 1 link for 500 Word article and if you post 10 Q&A then restrict yourself to only 5 with links and the rest just answers without links to your website.

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