What are Backlinks in SEO,Explained Types of Backlinks that Impact Ranking.

What are backlinks in SEO and types
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Google has publically announced that getting a reference from high authority sites will always impact the search engine ranking.

This reference from another site to your website is known as backlinks and create a serious impact on the search engine or SEO ranking.

Almost every SEO expert is suggesting to have backlinks for the website but just having a link back from another website will work or not?

From which website you should take backlinks and the most important is what exactly this backlinks all about.

This guide will master you on every aspect of what are backlinks in SEO and types of backlinks and which backlinks impact a lot on search engine ranking.

What are Backlinks in SEO

If i simplified the meaning of the backlinks then it is the process of linking back from other sites to your website.

So if i simply explained the backlinks then it is the process of creating footprints of your website to different places.

Backlinks are part of a link building strategy, which can be explained herein in the below diagram.

What are backlinks in seo explained and types of backlinks
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Here you can see the reference of a total of four sites one is shoppingsite, mrvyasidea, soundproofidea, and my website bloggingos.

All three sites shoppingsite,mrvyasidea, and soundproofidea pointing back to the bloggingos, which we can say that bloggingos have received backlinks from all other websites.

In summary, what I have done is i went to all other websites and link their one of the text with the URL: http://bloggingos.com which means another site text links back to my primary site.

Anchor text for the backlinks
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In the above screenshot, you can see the blue color text which is clickable, and if you click to those then it will navigate you to the page where it links to bloggingos.

But how are these links going to impact the SEO, are they passing any signal to search engine ranking?

Then the answer is yes.

Yes, backlink passes link juice from other authority websites to your website and this authority will be tracked by the search engine.

So if you have received backlinks from high authority websites that have a good domain authority or content quality then it passes high-quality link juice to your website.

Here link juice in SEO is referred to as the authority for a website.

Just for an example, if the bloggingos.com site received backlinks from backlinko.com then Google identifies that the bloggingos is worth ranking website.

Because now Backlinko site has passed his fraction of authority to my website and Google counted the same and will automatically increase the authority of my website.

I am sure you are pretty much clear with the concept of Link Juice.

This passing of authority or link juice in SEO from the site where you created backlinks to the site where that link is pointing can be controlled using the backlinks types.

But, what are the types of backlinks?

So you got an idea about what are backlinks but now this will surprise you to know that backlinks are of two types based on their linking.

What are Types of Backlinks

Backlinks have been classified into two types based on their linking with the anchor text.

These types decide whether any search engine crawler will visit that linked website or not.

Remember the search engine has its crawler that visits every link text and then decides whether it needs to visit that linked website or not.

So the command to that crawler can be given by the site owner by making that links to either Do Follow or No Follow.

Do Follow Backlinks`

Do-Follow name itself explains that it is a command given to the search engine crawler to visit or follow the links which are attached with anchor text.

So if the site backlinko has an anchor text which links with my website bloggingos is a Dofollow then the crawler while visiting the backlinko site and found anchor text then it visits my website.

So Dofollow backlinks are the real need to pass link juice or link authority from another website to yours.

As the search engine ranking will only improve, if the crawler actually visits from other sites to yours.

No Follow Backlinks

No follow backlink says no to search engine crawler. This means the attached link with anchor text won't allow the search engine crawler to visit the site.

Here the crawler, while visiting the site, check first the command attached with that anchor text, if the instruction is to No-Follow then the crawler ignore that link and visit another area of the site.

Hence if the crawler won't visit your site from another website link then no link juice passes and ultimately no advantage in search engine ranking.

Now i am sure you are curious to know how to find out the links are Do-Follow or No Follow backlinks?

How to Check Backlinks of Website

Well, you understood the importance of the backlinks and their types but the question is how to check the backlinks pointing to your site is Do-follow or No-follow?

Then my strong suggestion to everyone always asks or requests the backlink provider to your site as do-follow backlinks.

But not expect every backlink as Do-Follow as the recommended ratio for Do follow and No follow should be 80:20.

So now come to the ways, on how to check the backlink types. For that just open the page from where you received backlinks then right-click and open HTML Source code.

Now in HTML code along with that anchor text check the value for rel="nofollow" if the same attribute you found in between <a>...</a> then that provided link is No Follow.

how to check dofollow backlinks
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Well in the above screenshot, you can see the backlink to bloggingos post or website and the anchor text is 14-day free trial but the value rel=nofollow is not attached which means this link is a do-follow backlink.

Now let check the other example for the no-follow backlink.

How to check nofollow backlinks of wesbite
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In the above HTML source code, you can see the backlink anchor text is having a tag rel="nofollow" which means this backlink is a no-follow backlink.

Now no crawler is going to visit that link but the user can click to that link.

This is the simple way to check whether the backlinks are do-follow and no-follow.

Isn't simple this to find out?

If you want to check for your website that how many backlinks are no-follow or Dofollow then you can also use the free backlinks checker by Ahref.

Free backlink checker by Ahref
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Ahref Free Backlink Checker
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Such tools are helpful in identifying the complete analysis of the backlinks. So nothing much left to cover on how to check the backlinks of the website.

We are almost covered, what are backlinks and their types, and how to check the backlinks of the website.

Bonus Tips on Backlinks

While setting up backlinks, make sure to remember the below things in mind.

The number of backlinks does not matter what matters is the quality of the backlinks.

When it comes to quality, then make sure to focus on the relative niche of the website.

Here is an example, if my website is all about blogging but i am taking the backlinks from health and fitness niche website then Google will not give you any authority and that backlink will be useless.

Similarly, if Bloggingos website received backlinks from backlinko or Ahref Blog or SEO journals website then all are in the same industry and these links matter a lot in search engine ranking.

Another thing to take in reference is to take backlinks from different domain names instead of taking all backlinks from a couple of domain names.

Such as you might have more than 1 backlinks from 1 website but try to reverse this strategy to diversify your backlinks portfolio by taking it from different websites.

Have references from multiple websites pass a lot much authority than to have all from the same or a few websites.

Last but not least never create backlinks on any Spammy,adult, or gambling types of websites this creates a negative impact on your SEO ranking.

Hope you are pretty much clear with the backlink strategy now the question could be how to create backlinks.

How to Create Backlinks for Beginner Website

The toughest job in SEO is to create backlinks for the website as nowadays this part is commercialized.

But still a couple of handful tips which are worth trying and will definitely give you positive results.

But remember this process of getting backlinks for a website will always be time-consuming and if you need solid detail tips on the same then i suggest checking the detailed guide 5 Tips on Backlinks.

Here i will summarise one or more in just summary but in addition, also suggest one platform from which you can buy backlinks for an affordable price in case you want.

Guest Post :

In this process you will find a blog or website which accepts guest post then you drop them an email with a couple of suggestions.

If they accepted the same then you will write good quality content and in return, they will link your domain name in the middle of the content with one of the anchor text.

Getting links from the middle of the content is known as a contextual link and this is much effective than all other backlinks.

Broken Link Building :

This tip is the most advanced but the easiest way to make backlinks, there you have to drill down the website on which you want to make backlinks.

Find any anchor text which points to a page which no more exists such as if you click to any anchor text then the newly opened page is showing 404 no found page.

Now you can aware to the blog owner about that issue and offer him replacement of your existing blog post or write something for him to replace that link with yours.

Offer best Infographic :

Infographics are a pictorial representation of any content and you could offer such infographics to one of the blog owners.

I am sure he will be interested in using the same in his content and in exchange you can demand backlinks.

You can use Canva to create infographics for free or can order for a couple of bucks on Fiverr.

Auto Backlinks

If your any quality content post ranking in search engine top 10 ranking page then anyhow anyone will pick your URL and link with his own blog post.

Google suggested having at least 1 external site reference and most users looking to get those references from the top 10 ranking pages.

So you can try to rank for any low competitive easy to rank long-tail keywords and once you will be in top results then you are done.

Here you can try a 7-day free trial of the paid SEO tool SEMRush to identify the long-tail keywords.

Well for bloggingos.com at present more than 3K backlinks exist but i hardly created any of these as my focus was always to have great content people will auto-link.

Now if you are tired of creating backlinks and not getting any results then i suggest focusing on content quality and if still need backlinks then use the below platform to get paid backlinks.

How to buy Backlinks from Links management

Links management is one of the most popular websites to purchase backlinks based on a monthly or permanent basis.

And the best part is you will be eligible for a $25 bonus with additional free link building guide ,if you sign up clicking magical button below.

Linksmanagement free link building
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Title of the documentClick Here to Get $25 Bonus

On this website from worldwide many website owners come together with their site authority and niche details.

You have to sign up for free and place certain filters based on your demand and links management will list all the available websites ready to link with your website.

Just place an order and pay for the monthly backlinks or permanent and after placing the order the request will go to the actual site owner.

He will create do follow or no follow backlinks for whatever you placed the order and your order will get fulfilled.

Isn't it simple?

This is a masterstroke in case you keen to have backlinks for the website.

Now let me conclude on what are backlinks and their types.

Wrap Up on What are Backlinks?

Remember Google has more than 200+ ranking signals which include the content quality and links as the prime factor to rank website.

Getting backlinks will rank your website or not no one can guarantee as the search engine has all other criteria to rank website.

So more focus on the content quality and try to rank long-tail keywords as if it organically ranks then all other sites will auto-link and for paid method always choose links management.

Hope you got a detailed overview and this is your time to blast your blogging journey.

Hey, I am Kirtish Vyas an engineer by profession and a Blogger by Passion, and the Founder of Bloggingos. Bloggingos works as an operating system for bloggers to explore Blogging, SEO, and Affiliate marketing tips, Read More

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