GrooveFunnels Review: Free & LifeTime Deal Worth?

GrooveFunnels Review: How to get free account
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When i started my Digital marketing journey, i was not sure about the usage of the different digital marketing tools.

But today, i have been using different marketing tools and paying over $500/month to manage my own business and this keeps adding every month.

I was looking for a solution to fix this recurring billing and searched a lot and luckily found GrooveFunnels.

And i was amazed that it has everything that i am using or planning to use in the future.

Since 2020, we have seen a drastic change in the business model, almost every offline store is now migrated to the online store to grab more customers and sustain for the future.

For them, GrooveFunnels is a lifeboat to save thousands of dollars every month.

Now i am sure you are curious about what is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a set of different digital marketing tools, such as if you want to build sales funnels, opt-in pages, landing pages, membership site, online course, or willing to set up an online webinar.

Also, like email marketing or have an online eCommerce store and want to build your affiliate program or have inbuild payment processing integration.

Everything you can get inside GrooveFunnels, so no external app is needed and no different recurring billing.

Isn't it interesting a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing need?

GrooveFunnels also has its Free plan which is good enough for a beginner, even you can reserve your account before the free deal is ended.

How to get free account for GrooveFunnels
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First, we will review all the Products and later i will share my opinion with its Pros & Cons and is it worth it.

First, we will review all the Products, and later i will share my opinion on their Pros & Cons and is it worth.

Special Bonus: You will get Special Bonuses if you will sign-up and upgrade using my link, Check at the end for what are the bonuses.

GrooveFunnels Founder and Team

GrooveFunnels is a new software but before making a purchase or its free sign up, it is worth knowing the people behind it and their promises.

GrooveFunnels is brought before us by the well known players of the Saas space.

GrooveFunnels Founders
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Mike Fisaime is a well-known name in the digital marketing industry and the brain behind the most successful digital marketing products like WebinarJam, Kartra, etc.

John Cornetta is a well-recognized person in the e-commerce industry and a traffic expert.

Matt Serralta has more than 10 years of experience in executive operational, sales, and in the field in the eCommerce industry.

All these experts come together to offer a one-stop solution for digital marketing tools, so there is no point in raising any concern on the future visibility.

How to Get 100% Free Account of GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnel at the moment offering over 20 different applications and planning to roll out many in the future.

It is still under the beta version but half of all the tools are already rolled out and the rest are on their way and you can have a look at their tentative date of launch inside the GrooveFunnels Dashboard.

At the moment, GrooveFunnels offering access for many of its application under free account sign up even without Credit Card Entry.

As soon as they shift to their recurring billing for the current free account features, you will be charged $99/month.

To get 100% free lifetime access, follow the below steps.

  • Click here, and it will navigate to GrooveFunnels Home Page.
  • Fill the free sign up form with email, password, and username.
  • It will navigate to the upgrade window, simply click on No Thanks, if you want a free account.
  • Now visit the GrooveFunnels home page enter your User ID and password.

Once you have successfully signed up, you should be able to see your dashboard and all the applications for which you have access under their free plan.

If you found them useful and it solves your problem then any time in their one-time deal offer you can upgrade.

Congratulations!! simply following these steps now you will have lifetime 100% Free access to GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels Review: All Applications

The set of tools GrooveFunnels offering is what other industry players are offering separately under their monthly plans.

So let me introduce to you, what GrooveFunnels is offering while comparing it against the already existing similar tools.

1: GroovePages : Sales Funnel Builder

If you are familiar with the sales funnel builder ClickFunnels and already paying over $297/month to use its full capacity then GroovePages inside the GrooveFunnels is your money saver.

Yes, GroovePages is a sales funnel builder which is an alternative to ClickFunnels.

If you want to build a sales funnel, landing pages, opt-in pages, and customized multipage website then GroovePage will be your one stop solution.

It is a simple drag and drop page builder and extremely fast in loading as it is accessible via a browser, so don't make any connection to the database.

It has it's inbuilt 100's of opt-in, landing, thank you page templates for the best conversions, you can use and customize according to your need.

GroovePages pre defined tempaltes
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It also offers you to link your custom domain and if not needed then can use their subdomain.

Hence GroovePages can help you with all-around features to build a very powerful sales funnel.

2: GrooveSell : Payment Processing 

If you are building your own sales funnel and selling products online you need a system to process the payments.

There GrooveSell helps you to sell your products and the best part is you won't need to pay any charges or monthly fee or commission, all profit is yours.

If you are familiar with ThriveCart which charges around $495/lifetime and SamCart $49/month to build a beautiful website to sell your products and offer a high converting checkout window.

What is GrooveSell GrooveSell
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The same job you can do using the GrooveSell, also, it has CRM to track the revenue, sales, billing, refund, profit and can also generate invoice copy, etc.

3: GrooveAffiliate : Affiliate Program

If you are familiar with Affiliate program then it mainly works on an incentive based program.

So if you are selling your services or products and willing to have your affiliate program.

Where other starts promoting your products and you can incentivise themfor each sell then you can build your affiliate program.

But for that, first you have to set your front end products inside the GrooveSell and set your own tier of affiliate program.

Not only this, but as you sign up first with GrooveFunnels you are automaticaly enrolled for the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

If you share this great softwares with others and if they sign up and upgrade to its premium plans or recurring plan then you can make over 20-40% commission.

Click to Groove Affiliate > Scroll down and click to Links > Get Your Affilaite link

To learn more, i have explained later in this guide how you can make income using the GrooveFunnels.

What is GrooveAffiliate
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GrooveAffiliate also offer set of marketing tools which you can use to promote GrooveFunnels.

For more you can visit your Groove Affiliate dashbaord.

4: GrooveMail : Email Marketing Tool

In digital marketing, business lies in Email marketing, where you build trust with your clients or customers.

But unfortunately, Email marketing tools are among the most expensive tools, i paying over $65/Month to GetResponse for managing up to 10,000 contacts.

No matter you are using Mailerlite, Active Campaign, or any other tools this cost is the biggest burden on any digital marketing business and their GrooveMail is money savers.

GrooveMail is an in-house email marketing tool that you can integrate with any of the applications within the GrooveFunnels to increase your conversions.

You can set auto responder or email sequence or send broadcast or Newsletters to all your users.

What is GrooveMail of GrooveFunnels
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The best part is, under their free plan you will get 500 contacts for free and under the premium platinum plan, you will have up to 10,000 contacts which you can boost up to 1,00,000 contacts for just $100/month.

If you compare this pricing with other tools then they might cost you over $500/month for the same thing.

The best part is you can integrate GrooveMail with almost all the other apps to automate your webinar funnel or eCommerce store or video marketing tools etc.

5: GrooveMember : Member Ship Site

If you want to build a membership site to sell your online courses or any specific products then you can customize using the GrooveMember.

This is similar to Teachable which under its basic plan offer the hosting of courses and customization for around $39/month.

GrooveMember has an inbuilt certification option to issue for those who finished their complete course.

What is GrooveMember in GrooveFunnels
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GrooveMember can integrate with all other apps such as GrooveMail to automate delivering products or promoting other services.

You can customize your membership site for different plans such as Free Paid or even upgrade options and enable disable access based on the payment process.

6: GrooveVideo : Video Marketing Tool

Video marketing is one of the most popular ways to sell high ticket products and using GrooveVideo not only you can create high converting videos but you also host them inside GrooveVideo.

If you are familiar with Vimeo you get only 5 GB/ week and Wistia gives you to host only 3 videos but under GrooveVideo Free plan you will get hosting for 12 videos.

And under their premium plan offer 100 GB storage with unlimited videos. Inside the video, you can place certain Calls to action (CTA).

What is GrooveVideo in grrove funnel
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Such as, you can have an email opt-in form, text overlay, or banner CTA, to increase the conversion.

Integrating GrooveVideo with GrooveMail you can send specific email sequences based on how much videos a user has viewed and also integrate with GrooveMember.

The best part is your hosted videos are ads-free so you have full control over its customization.

7: GrooveKart : Build Online eCommerce Store

GrooveKart is a place where you can build your first online store with simple drag and drop and no need to hassle with any coding.

It is similar to Shopify where you paying more than $30/month and also various charges on payment processing.

However, GrooveKart can be integrated with GrooveSell to perform payment processes using PayPal, Stripe, merchant Account, etc.

8: GrooveWebinar : Automated or Live Webinar

GrooveWebinar is a huge cost saving for those who do live webinar or willing to host their pre-recorded webinars.

Yes, it offers various viewing options to share your screen, camera, or both with multiple presenters and video, audio, and Q& A.

The premium members will have full access to use and host their videos with GrooveWebinar and can integrate with GrooveMail, GroovePages, GroovSell, etc.

This is fabulous as if you compare this with WebinarJam which charges around $40/month for 500 attendees however GrooveFunnels is free for unlimited users.

GrooveFunnels is part of the future rolled out and that is why they offering the best prices including free sign-up and also a one-time offer to grab a lifetime deal.

Well, this is not the end they also have different other tools that you can see and use as soon as they roll out in the future such as.

9: GrooveBlog : To build Your Blog

GrooveBlog can be your replacement for the most popular CMS WordPress.

Yes, Using GrooveBlog you should be able to create your very first blog with easy customization and can also integrate with existing WordPress Blog.

What is GrooveBlog in GrooveFunnels
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This helps you to create the best SEO blog and also offers mobile page indexing which is the need for Google SEO.

10: GrooveDesk : To handle customer queries

GrooveDesk is like Zendesk which helps you to handle your customer queries or billing issues to support your business.

If you compare this with Zendesk then it charges around $5/hr for an agent to support the same type of queries.

11: GrooveCalender : To schedule meeting

It is like Calendly, which you can use to automate your appointment booking process and can link them with GrooveMail to deliver the emails to customers.

If you are offering consulting services then using this you can set your complete business model to automate the complete process.

12: GrooveSurvey : For Questionaries or Quiz

Running survey or quizzes help you to grab more leads and that can be possible using the GrooveSurvey.

You can integrate with sales pages created by GroovePage and with other tools to get more conversions.

This is not the end they also have a marketplace, where you can list your products and make a purchase of others so it is a complete in-house solution.

They also have API/SDK to offer other developers to built plugins, the extension for the future enhancement of the GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels Pricing : is it Really Worth?

Till now, you are familiar with what all in one digital marketing solutions GrooveFunels is offering.

At the moment GrooveFunnels is in its Beta version which means it is still rolling out some of its applications.

It has some bugs, for which they are asking feedback from existing users and fixing them parallel and that is why they offering the two best options to grab the tool.

  • Free Plan without Credit Card
  • Monthly+LifeTime Plan.

GrooveFunnels as part of grabbing the customers or marketing, they currently offering free access to most of its applications.

So just sign up now and grab your seat without paying anything not even entry of credit card.

GrooveFunnels Free account
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Anytime you can upgrade to their premium plan,but at the moment they are offering OneTime Offer for Lifetime Access.

Yes, you heard correct you can get this tool for lifetime access.

In addition to this they have different monthly pricing available such as 

  • Start Up Plan for $99/month
  • Creator  Plan for $149/month
  • Pro Plan for $199/month
  • Premium Plan for $299/month
  • Premium+LifeTime Plan for $2997/month

But you can grab their Premium+LifeTime plan for lifetime access without any recurring billing for just a one-time payment of $2997/Lifetime.

You will instantly get access to the platinum feature for a lifetime no extra money and no recurring billing.

You will have access to all the existing and future rollout software.

Isn't it amazing?

Well, i already upgraded my account as i found the solution for my all digital marketing software solution in 1 platform with a lifetime deal.

They also have different payment options, if you don't want to pay $2997 at a time you can go with a installment payment options.

If you are serious about your business then this is the best opportunity of all time to reduce your recurring billings.

I am serious, as here you can compare, how much you yearly paying on different tools for the same thing what GrooveFunnels is offering.

If you do the math, just the email marketing tool itself in a year will cover your all investment cost.

If you are using ClickFunnels even you can stop that billing and do the same thing using GroovePages

But the most important is, you can integrate all these tools inside a single solution without recurring payments.

Well, i upgraded myself, and i strongly suggest you should do, as this is something which can change your overall business.

GrooveFunnels also offer 30 days moneyback guarantee, so you have enough time to test.

GrooveFunnels : Pros & Cons

Every tool has a good and bad side and similar to GrooveFunnels. If you try to find out the Cons then you will not found much.

GrooveFunnels Pros:

  • You can grab it free account which in the future will cost $99/month. 
  • You can grab its LifeTime deal for just $1397/lifetime, which is unbelievable.
  • It offers a simple drag and drops sales funnel builder and membership site builder.
  • You will get up to 500 & 10,000 contacts under free and pro accounts respectively.
  • They offer API/SDK so in the future, any developer can create any plugins or extensions.
  • GrooveFunnels all apps can be integrated to have a one-stop solution.
  • GrooveFunnel has a very strong team behind it who already built great software.

GrooveFunnels Cons

  • GrooveFunnels is still under the Beta version so it has few bugs.
  • GrooveFunnels all applications are yet not rolled out.
  • If you are new then it might need your time to train yourself on how to use it all.

Now you are smart enough to compare what is good and bad about GrooveFunnels.

How to Make Income with GrooveFunnels?

Well, if you have invested in the purchase of tools or just signed up for free you can make your life living promoting GrooveFunnels.


GrooveFunnels offer its affiliate program, using which you can make up to 40% commission.

But the best part is you not only make a commission for the direct sale but also if your direct referrer makes any sale.

Yes, it has a 2 tier affiliate program and if you do the math and promote this product then just with 3 users with an upgrade plan can make this software lifetime for free.

Below are the Affiliate commission plans for GrooveFunnels.

  • Free Account  : Direct 20% and 2nd Tier 5%
  • Premium Account : Direct 20% and 2nd Tier 10%
GrooveAffiliate Program
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So let imagine, if you have upgraded now and paid $1397/lifetime and you encourage others to share the importance of this tool and they also upgraded their plan.

  • 2 Direct Referer :  ($1397*0.4)=>$560*2= $1120
  • 2nd tier Affiliate : 1397*0.10=$139 

Here, if you sum both of that then you almost close to your initial investment and the more you promote the more you will make.

So this is an opportunity to get the GrooveFunnels premium plan free for a lifetime and in the future, once they launch recurring billing even at that moment you can have a more affiliate commission.

Special Bonus for You

If you will join me and Upgrade your plan anytime in the future or now you are eligible to get the below bonuses instantly.

  • We can have a 30 min call to discuss your business or personal growth.
  • You will get 100% Free lifetime access to my Blogging Beginner to advance course.
  • You will get 11 Step Secret guide to start a million-dollar successful blog.
  • You will get 100% Free Access to my Affiliate Marketing Free and Premium Courses.

If you have upgraded your plan using my Affiliate link then contact me at [email protected] and i will verify if your sale recorded you are eligible for all the bonuses.

Wrap up on GrooveFunnels Review

If you have a long term vision to grow your business and wanted to avoid the recurring billing on different tools then i feel GrooveFunnels would be the best investment.

If you only do email marketing then even 10,000 contacts under its platinum plans are good enough.

And, if you want to upgrade can go with a power booster of 1,00,000 contacts for just $100/month.

If you are just a beginner and do not have much money to invest then even grab the free account,that has enough features to kick start your journey.

Now its Your Turn

If you found this information useful which takes lots of efforts to research,then i expect you to share this master guide with everyone and get aware with this awesome digital marketing tool.

FAQ on GrooveFunnels

Q1: GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels which one is best?

Ans: Clickfunnels is mainly used for the sales funnel builder but GrooveFunnels is a suite of software and offers different tools and you can integrate them.

Q2: How long GrooveFunnels offer a LifeTime Deal?

Ans: Currently GrooveFunnels is in its Beta phase and so they are offering a limited time One Time deal, as soon as it fully launches then they will be having only monthly plans.

Q3: Is GrooveFunnels Legit platform?

Ans: The team behind the GrooveFunnels is not new, they have already built the most popular software and i hope they will fulfill all their future promises.

Q4: How many Email contacts free under GrooveMail?

Ans: If you will register for a free account then 500 contacts and if Platinum or one time offer then unlimited contacts.

Q5: How you can get free Bonuses?

Ans: If you will sign up using my affiliate link and upgrade to its premium plan then you are eligible to get free bonuses.

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